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28 · 10 · 2020


Good news for all of us who ache to watch Indian and international films at festivals.


This year Dharamshala International Film Festival goes online with a spectacular line-up of films!


We are very happy to support their important work to keep the festival afloat despite circumstances and trying times. The festival will screen the Danish documentary Reunited (2020) by director Mira Jargil and producer Kirstine Barfod.


This emotional but lucid documentary follows a family divided by war and considers the consequences of grave choices made under extreme pressure. Jad, aged eleven, and his brother Nidal, 17, are refugee Syrians living alone in Turkey. Two and a half years ago, their mother Rana fled to Denmark, hoping to establish a safe future for her children there. But her expectation that the family would be reunited within six months was thwarted by European refugee policy and she was thrown into an existential crisis—should she have ever left her children behind?


Before the Syrian civil war, the family were highly respected in Aleppo. Rana was a doctor with her own clinic. Mukhles, her husband, worked as a surgeon for the Syrian national football team and, having fled to Canada, he too pled for citizenship and family reunification, with equal lack of success. Now, the family are left to communicate solely via the internet, as they face prejudice, xenophobia and an uncertain future.


The documentary and access to the online edition of DIFF is available here


We can’t wait to tune in!