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14 · 01 · 2021


In 2017 a social movement began its global travel around the world. It became known as the #metoo-movement, and its origin lies with sexual violence survivor and activist Tarana Burke.


Soon several thousands of powerful voices from all over the world came forth and broke the silence with stories of sexual violence to connect a pattern – soon indicating that the cultures of sexual violence are found globally and within all sections of society.


In 2020 the movement started to gain revived traction in Denmark, as the prominent Danish television host, Sofie Linde, on stage at an award show delivered a speech, where she voiced her personal experiences of sexual harassment within the entertainment industry. Encouraged by Linde, other voices from various spheres of society promptly joined.


We wish to strengthen the movement by keeping the conversations going and broaden them to a global scope. We highlight the #metoo-movement as an important part of feminist political history as it became a watershed moment for the collective path to progress. Sexual violence and gender equality are not related to specific cultures or societies. Rather they are issues we need to address in all sections of society and in every country and culture


We are proud to partner with Meta Film in showing #metoo-survivor stories all of January 2021. These stories are part of a film mosaic project produced by Meta Film and premiered in 2018. The stories featured are read by Danish actors and show the variety of issues related to abuse of power in gender dynamics and relations.


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