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01 · 04 · 2020

Temporarily out of India


As both Danish and Indian authorities urge us to keep a distance, we have temporarily moved our office from Delhi to Denmark. We continue our quest for increasing cultural exchange between Denmark and India, and on our social platforms we strive to share hopefully useful, sometimes insightful, occasionally funny and at times thought-provoking content to keeps us going while we wait for normalcy.


Our IGTV channel will feature a daily STAY CURIOUS science film. The series is funded by the Carlsberg Foundation, who by the way, just donated INR 100 Crores to COVID-19 research.


What seems unconquerable now will soon be over and the day will come when we will all put Corona behind us. On this optimistic note, our planning on various post-Corona activities continues as before. We have a 400 Years celebration coming up in November, which includes great plans for Tharangambadi, the former Danish trading station as a sustainable heritage destination. The programs we are working on here will be even more needed when the current crisis is over.


Our projects with the EUNIC Cluster India continue to move on. It is important to us, that when this is all over, we can contribute to relevant discussions and developments as before. Lastly, we are carefully working on rescheduling cancelled content. That and much, much more will keep us busy till we can meet you once again. In real life.

Until then, do follow our channels. We are always keen to hear from you, so do leave your comments, suggestions and questions.