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Culture, Art &

We will explore the power of culture and art


Culture is the DNA of our societies and, by utilising the power of art and culture, we will discover, learn and be inspired by creating benefits for all.




Let’s invite artists and thinkers to make us rethink how we use the finite resources in Earth. What can be done, and what are the consequences if we just leave a water tap running?

Let’s open our eyes to all aspects of what a conscious use of resources means.




An increasing part of our lives are formed in cities, and we share a curiosity for how to build and maintain our cities as places for lives lives. With art and culture as a lens, we will create better cities for people.




Our identities are in constant flux – new layers are added and others are put in the background. As countries with deep cultural identification, by using the prism of culture and art, we meet as equals and learn about each other.




Art and appreciation of our cultural values has great potential in education. By exploring where we are different, we get to understand how much we have in common. Let our children be creative and let us celebrate all kinds of intelligence. Creativity is one of the essential ingredients of a tolerant and free society and of shaping personal identity.




We share the respect for human liberties  and equality. How can art be used to explore what our common rootedness in humanity means for our societies, and are there blindspots that we need focus on?




Most importantly, we encourage you to share your ideas or suggestions for the Danish Cultural Institute in India. What would you like to see happen?