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28 · 03 · 2019

Women in Art – Wikipedia Edit-a-thon

Women in Art: An Edit-a-thon to create awareness about women artists

On Saturday, 6th April, an Edit-a-thon that aims to improve online visibility of women artists will be held at the Danish Cultural Institute in Delhi.

This Edit-a-thon, organised by Feminism in India, The Heritage Lab and the Danish Cultural Institute India, also addresses the well known gender-gap that exists on Wikipedia by inviting women, and people of all identities to come edit.

Feminism in India, an organization committed to to learn, educate and develop a feminist sensibility among the youth.,hosts editathons every month, focusing on increasing the visibility of women on the internet.

“Wikipedia is the 5th most visited website on the internet, but what most people don’t know is that like everything else in this world, Wikipedia also has a gender gap. According to a study conducted by the Wikimedia Foundation in 2011, only 9% of Wikipedia editors globally are women. In India, the statistic is even worse, it’s just 3%. This gender gap is not only in terms of editors but also information available about women. To help reduce this gender gap, we organise monthly Wikipedia edi-a-thons since 2016 exploring various facts of gender in India and teaching a new skill to the youth, especially women,” says Japleen Pasricha, founder-director of Feminism in India.

You might all know Hammershøi to be a famous Danish artist. But can we name any women artists – just as famous?

In India too, who has not heard of Raja Ravi Varma – but his sister, Mangala Bayi, an artist as well, remains obscure; as does Atasi Barua (daughter of the well known artist Asit Kumar Haldar). On Wikipedia, their pages do not even exist. Similarly, various accounts in history tell us about 16th century Mughal painters – but the mention of female artists in court are next to negligible. While modern painters such as B.Prabha and Gogi Saroj Pal have Wiki pages, the information available to the public is limited.

“Through this Edit-a-thon, we hope to bring awareness to women in the arts that are widely underrepresented both in Denmark and in India. Women have been and continue to play a huge part in the making of culture through various forms of arts contributions, and it is vital that we acknowledge this. Furthermore, for the general public being able to access information on women in the arts is a critical feminist project since representation-making is key to unravelling inequal gender balances.” says project coordinator Frederikke Bencke from the Danish Cultural Institute in India.

The Edit-a-thon is organized as part of the Art+Feminism campaign which originated in the US but takes place all over the world. Such initiatives make an impact on the gender gap through crucial improvements to gender, feminism and art related subjects on Wikipedia. Since 2014, Art+Feminism edit-a-thons have taken place across the world, creating and improving over 22,000 articles.

In India, the campaign is in its third year. The Heritage Lab has been hosting multiple edit-a-thons since 2017 to increase coverage of women artists online.

“We have edited 150 articles, and created nearly 25 new ones, with images added in as well – but there is still a long road to go. It has been our mission to get more and more museums & cultural institutions to host the event each year, and in 2019 alone, 6 new museums have joined the endeavour apart from the India Art Fair that hosted a preview early this year; and international cultural institutions too have pledged support. Through campaigns such as this, we invite new audiences to explore the museums, and learn about women artists not just from India – but all over the world!”, says Medhavi Gandhi, South Asia Coordinator, Art and Feminism and Founder of The Heritage Lab.

An Edit-a-thon at the Danish Cultural Institute also means expanding our awareness about Danish women artists –and their Indian counterparts –painters, poets, writers, craftspeople whose historically-important stories need to be told.

The Edit-a-thon begins with a workshop for first-time editors. The Danish Cultural Institute will open up it’s resource library to participants who can use the same to edit / create new articles.

To participate, simply bring your own laptop and charger. There will be food and snacks during the day.

To participate, please sign up via email to no later than April 4th 2019.


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